About Us

A common interest of exploring wildlife got us together, which along with some brain storming & sleepless nights to pursue what we like to do; lead to forming of Wild India Eco Tours. Wild India Eco Tours focuses on exploring various forms of flora & fauna that involves learning & knowledge sharing, comfort, and unique experiences into the wild with a lot of fun to create memories for lifetime.

Sunil Kadam


Working as an IT professional, Sunil got interested into wildlife in the year 2010. With a keen eye for the avian species, he spent a lot of time bird-watching in and around Mumbai initially, and exploring central forests of India for the big cats. Along with Bhavesh, he is one of the founders of Wild India Eco Tours with a clear motive of promoting eco-tourism and increasing awareness about the variety flora and fauna found across India. Do follow his facebook profile and watch out for some exclusive shots of birds and big cats.

Bhavesh Rathod

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Bhavesh got interested into wildlife and photography around 4 years back when he randomly started clicking pictures of birds from his office window. That moment sparked off his passion into birding and thus began his wonderful journey into nature and wildlife. Always keen to learn and share knowledge; he made new friends who were equally passionate, if not more about birding. From birding, he slowly evolved into wildlife photography and eventually transformed into an ardent nature lover. Along with spending time into nature, he also spends a lot of time reading about nature and also sharing his knowledge.

To know more about him please visit http://bhaveshrathod.com/

Rudraksh Chodankar

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Working as an Information Security Analyst in an IT firm, Rudraksha loves to spend time with nature… especially going out on bird-watching excursions, wildlife safaris and nature trails. Apart from spending time with nature, he also loves to blog about all his trips and excursions with an insight of providing what to expect at these wildlife locations, as well as provide basic info on places to stay, how to reach and so on.

You can check out more about his blog at www.whistlingtrails.com