I am fairly new to the world of birding and my first trip ever was with the Wild-India team to Bhigwan which was a truly wonderful experience. Subsequently I have been to Akshi beach, Airoli creek and this month to Chopta (which was fantastic).

The “Three Musketeers” make a great team and are very generous and enthusiastic with sharing their knowledge of the wild and photography. Their trips are very well planned in small groups. They have a great following of wonderful birders and it is fun to share each other’s finds.

I wish team Wild-­India all the very best, always and look forward to many more trips with them.


I have had some of my most memorable and educating trips with Wild India. I have been to Bhigwan, Bharatpur and Chopta with them. These trips have been an exceptional value creator and have elevated my birding experience. The team is constantly partaking knowledge and sharing enriching details on birds, flora and fauna, locations and also on photography. There is never a single dull moment, thanks to the core teams relentless involvement and spirited enthusiasm. All the trip arrangements have been seamless, carefully planned with all details considered, taking into consideration everybody’s comfort. One of the most important element or the consequence of these experiences is that I know I am going to be a part of many of their trips, and ready to go with ya’ll to many more unique and wonderful places. Thank you so much! Look forward to many more.

Thanks so much for everything so far.